Home Remodeling & Additions in Brookhaven, GA

We love our homes, but sometimes, they just don’t fit our needs. Instead of going through the hassle of moving, however, consider a home remodel or home addition from J. Walter Coursey Construction. We offer our services to all residents in the Brookhaven, GA, area, ensuring quality, efficient home remodels that will fit your current needs and styles.

With J. Walter Coursey Construction, our home remodeling and home addition services allow you to stay in the Brookhaven home that you love while adapting it to your needs.

Home Remodeling in Brookhaven, GA

Whether you’re looking to remodel one area of your home or the entire house, J. Walter Coursey Construction can help. Our home remodeling services can transform your outdated Brookhaven home in the home of your dreams. We can even provide historic home remodels to help return a historic, yet dilapidated, Brookhaven home back to its former glory.

To see how we can remodel your home, check out our past work or read some of our customer testimonials.

Home Additions in Brookhaven, GA

Sometimes, a home remodel isn’t enough. You might need room for your growing family, or you’ll need an in-law suite for an aging relative. Whatever it is that you’re looking for, a home addition from J. Walter Coursey Construction can give you exactly what you need. We can help you build an entirely new section of your home that meets your needs while also blending in with the current structure.

To learn more about our home remodeling and home addition services, contact us today at 404-388-5359.